Every once in a while, something odd may catch my eye. I guess it's just my nature to be observant of my surroundings.

Whether by foot or car, or even train, I'm constantly in-tune with what's happening around me. So whenever I see something that's out of the ordinary, I take notice.

And that's exactly what happened one morning while driving to the radio ranch. Now, I don't always have the luxury to grab a picture since I absolutely hate having to use my phone behind the wheel in any capacity.

But if I'm able to quickly pull over, or if there's a red light I'm stuck in, I'll do my best to snap a quick pic. And fortunately, in this instance, I was able to do just that.

Confused at a gas station

Law of NJ

What struck me odd about what I saw is the fact that New Jersey has a law that states we can't pump our own gas. In fact, we're the only state left in the nation where self-serve gasoline is illegal.

And it's something so many in The Garden State actually like. They don't want to get out of their cars to operate the pump on their own.

With that said, this sign I saw at a Shell gas station in Monmouth County, NJ, struck me as odd. It's not that there's a problem with what's being advertised, but rather, the state this is being promoted in.

Confused at a gas station
Mike Brant - TSM

Tap, pump, go

That's the promo sign above that I saw displayed at this gas station. An all-new tap-to-pay feature to help get you going on your way faster.

The only problem? We can't pump our own gas. Yes, it's a great feature for the pumps, but what good does it do for us if we have to wait for an attendant anyway?

Unfortunately, I had just filled my tank and had no need to stop at the time I saw this. If I did need gas, however, I would've loved to see if they would let me try this on my own.

confused at the gas pump / gas light / question mark

Already clueless

I'm pretty sure this is simply part of a national push to let drivers know they can just tap their card to start the pump. And in 49 other states, this is a great way to promote this feature and encourage drivers to come to you over the competition.

But in New Jersey, it's just strange to see. Not to mention, it's also confusing. Not so much the tap feature, but the combination of a New Jerseyan using the tap feature while also operating a gas pump (actually, it probably would be hysterical to watch).

Not to mention the confusion promoting it in a state where you must wait for an attendant anyway. It's just a bit of a head-scratcher to see in The Garden State.

Confused at the gas pump
Canva / Mike Brant TSM

How it makes sense

For those traveling out of New Jersey, knowing you can do this at a Shell gas station is great. And honestly? That could be the primary reason for them to display such a sign here.

They probably know we can't pump gas ourselves, but giving us a heads up that you can tap and fuel up while traveling out of state is smart. Not to mention, it's effective marketing.

And as for out-of-state drivers? This very well may get them thinking that it is indeed OK to pump your own gas here in the Great Garden State, but they'll soon realize they can't.

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