Bergen County is home to six of the 15 best places to live in New Jersey, according to a new list from the review site Niche.

But it's a town in Mercer County that takes the top spot on the updated rankings.

Thirteen counties are shut out of the top 15 completely.

The "Best Places to Live" grade from Niche takes into account several key factors, including crime rates, housing trends, employment statistics, the quality of local schools, and access to amenities.

Each of these spots received an overall Niche grade of an A+.

The 15 best places to live in New Jersey

Listed in descending order, here are the 15 places in New Jersey that Niche graded the highest.

Gallery Credit: New Jersey 101.5

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Top 30 schools in NJ with the biggest bullying problem

These are the schools in New Jersey with the highest rates of bullying. The rankings are based on the annual School Performance Reports for the 2021-22 school year. New Jersey 101.5 ranked the schools based on the rate of reported bullying incidents per 100 students. Schools with enrolment less than 100 are excluded.

Gallery Credit: New Jersey 101.5

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