HANOVER — A New Jersey man accused of throwing coffee at a convenience store clerk in an argument over his facial covering has been unfairly cast as a "monster frothing with violent intent," according to his defense attorney.

John DeDolce, 42, is facing a charge of simple assault after the Aug. 7 incident at a QuickChek in the Cedar Knolls section of the township.

A cashier had asked him to wear his mask properly, twice, before asking DeDolce to leave and canceling out his transaction at the Ridgedale Avenue store, according to Hanover Police.

Police said DeDolce threw the food to the floor and threw the coffee at the worker, injuring her legs.

DeDolce’s attorney, Andrew DeLaney, issued a written statement last Friday, in which he said his client had thrown his items at the floor in frustration and that "he would never intentionally hurt a stranger doing their job."

DeLaney continued that DeDolce has been used "as a human vehicle for a political agenda" and that the "mischaracterization campaign" has harmed DeDolce, his family, his business and his reputation.

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DeDolce was mailed a summons after the cashier recorded his license plate number and shared it with law enforcement. He has not directly commented to the media.

“QuickChek does not comment on ongoing criminal investigations,” QuickChek spokesman Russ Mensch said in response to New Jersey 101.5.

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