🚌 A man was spotted looking into windows of school buses

🚌 Police arrested a man who ran from them

WALL – A man "acting suspiciously" around a high school as students were dismissed for the day was arrested after he ran from police.

Police said the man, identified as Desmond Hill Jr., 24, of Neptune, was spotted by two officers walking around looking inside the school buses lined up outside around 1:45 p.m. Wednesday. When officers approached, Hill he was "uncooperative" and ran off.

Hill was arrested by the officers in the school's parking lot. He was charged with obstruction of the administration of justice, resisting arrest by flight, disorderly conduct, and defiant trespassing. Hill was processed and released on a summons.

Banner on the field at Wall High School's football field
Banner on the field at Wall High School's football field (Richard O'Donnell Photography)

Wall High School has an enrollment of 775, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

A man who parked a white van outside the Burlington County Institute of Technology in Medford in late October was charged after he tried to get inside the school and refused to leave.

After a K-9 detected explosive material inside the van the school was evacuated but no explosives were found by a robot.

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