Wednesday is Valentine's Day and on this day we celebrate the love that we have for our significant other, be it boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. It's also the day we're made to feel bad if we don't have one of those or forced to explain that we don't care whether we do or not. Why do we need this aggravation? Let's do to Valentine's Day what they try to do to Columbus Day, get rid of it!

If you're in love, every day is Valentine's Day. You don't need a day to prove it by giving cards, candy, flowers, and jewelry. How much of that is really coming from the heart as opposed to a sense of obligation? "Honey I love you so much that I'm willing to overpay for this romantic dinner and give you these flowers and candy." If that ain't love then I don't know what is. Actually I do, if you want a better return on that investment, do it any other non-holiday and see how they react to true sincerity. It's much cheaper to book that hotel room on any other weeknight and I guarantee you'll get much more out of it.

My 11 year old sons are in school getting and giving Valentines to everyone in the class. Where's the sincerity in that? God forbid anyone should be left out. If only life were that way. Unfortunately, people are left out. Whether they like it or not, they don't need to be reminded of it. Just like you don't need to be forced to show your love because of some stupid holiday. But if you do feel the need to show your affection on a holiday, try this (NSFW).

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