We took the issue of legal pot to our listeners over the past few days and to our rapidly growing social media audience. Although many still believe that the legislature will pass the bill to legalize pot, many more are concerned about the tax and law enforcement implications.

As I've said for years now, it's one thing to discuss expunging criminal records to help people get their lives back on track. It's another to push for an onerous tax burden, which as has been shown in other areas to actually increasing black market sales. The discussion of law enforcement costs and revenue projections that will allow increased borrowing by the corrupt pols in Trenton.

Let's face it, if the issue were about libertarian principles about getting government out of our lives and about social justice, the bill wouldn't need to be 163 pages long.

Plus we heard from Senator Mike Doherty on Tuesday's broadcast and he raised the point about expunging records of dealers convicted of having up to five pounds of pot. How is that in the public interest? How is this creating a more affordable and safer New Jersey for you and your kids?

Senator Kip Bateman also joined me on Tuesday to discuss the chaos in Trenton and legislators voting yes on a bill they had not read.

This was topic of conversation on this week's Facebook LIVE. If you missed it, check it out below and join me every Tuesday at 10am - Facebook.com/NJ1015

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