This week we talked about the mall proposal in Lakewood, a town that is already overcrowded and running out of money to support its infrastructure.

Sor practical reasons, I don't think it should happen. But one of the reasons that its opponents don't want to see it happen is that they are against the idea of kids "hanging out." Whether it's that they don't want them "hanging out" AT ALL, or with NON-JEWS (as a letter opposition the development argues) is really immaterial. The fact is, Lakewood doesn't need another behemoth structure and kids don't need to be hanging out in malls anyway.

That was the focus of our segment on-air — that hanging out in malls is unproductive and that telling your kids that the best use of their spare time is to spend your spare money is a horrible lesson to teach them.

But of course, one mention of Lakewood's Jewish community and the Jew-haters are out in full force.

I received a letter about it sooner than I expected today. The best part of the letter is that in it, "Mrs. M" complains that the proposed mall would discourage non-Jews from frequenting it. Even if that were possible, why would Mrs. M care? Doesn't sound like she wants to hang out with Jews anyway!

In the video above, I read excerpts from Mrs M's letter. You will see and hear that It that has absolutely nothing to do with what we talked about on the air, but is just an excuse to whine about Jews in general. Whine away, Mrs. M! It's just business as usual here in Jersey.

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