☑️ Christopher Therien was sleeping in a park

☑️ A large search was organized to locate Therien

☑️ He stole a kayak  before he was found

BRICK — Drones, boats and other equipment were used to locate a missing man who didn't want to be found.


Brick police said officers found Christopher Therien about 3 a.m. Monday sleeping in Forge Pond Park near the Home Depot store on Route 70.

Therien had been on a national missing persons database.

As they told him that the park was closed, Therien ran to the water and swam across the lake.

Therien took a kayak from a backyard and paddled into a wooded area behind the Ocean County Golf Course, according to police.

A large search involving first responders, rescue teams, the Ocean County Sheriff's Office and State police located Therien after 2 p.m., according to Brick police.

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