What are the cool people wearing this Halloween? I went to Party Fair in East Windsor to find out and spoke to Mary Jo Hamrick who guided me through the store and gave me the lowdown.

Clown costumes are huge for boys this year thanks to the success of the Stephen King movie "It." "Anything clowns sells" says Mary Jo, "especially if you put a red balloon on it." For girls it's the characters from the Disney movie "The Descendants".

"Star Wars" costumes are always good but Donald Trump isn't as popular as he used to be. "People want to try it on but they don't want to buy it," says Mary Jo.

Jersey wise, "The Governor Christie mask didn't make it to the store this year." Last year, I dressed up as a Christie clown. There are no masks for our gubernatorial candidates though I suggested redoing an old Al Bundy mask for Phil Murphy.

There's a new "Wall" costume creating controversy out of Party City. I think those would be great for the Giants offensive line. But then I'm still high off last night game!

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