Before we open our shows on New Jersey 101.5, there is an announcement that says "The opinions of the hosts and callers are not the opinions of New Jersey 101.5," perhaps the NFL should make the same announcement before the National Anthem.

The NFL is caught between a rock and a hard hit with this whole controversy. You've got the majority of paying customers wanting the players to stand, while some of their better players want to kneel. The NFL has said that they will not force players to stand. To me, that's endorsing the taking of the knee. The players are protesting police brutality and racial inequality. Does that mean the NFL is not happy with the way the police are dong their jobs?

When asked if he understands what the players are truly protesting about Commissioner Roger Goodell said "They're talking about criminal justice reform, whether it's bail reform, mandatory sentencing and what we can do to effect that legislative change." So now the NFL wants the criminal justice system reformed?

Goodell says "They're talking about equality issues, and making sure that we're doing everything that we possibly can to give people an opportunity, we believe that we can help the players, that we can support them." So then, if the NFL agrees with the players then take that stand and encourage everyone to take a knee. If the NFL really agrees with the players, they can throw their money and power behind the movement and really make a difference.

The NFL is trying to have it both ways and it's not working. The NFL is a business, the players are on company time in a company uniform and paid quite handsomely to be there. If the NFL truly wants the players to stand for the anthem, they should require them to do so like the NBA does. If not, then say that.

Bottom line, if the NFL players are taking a knee to protest police brutality and racial inequality and the NFL is allowing that to happen on their time and their dime, then they are on board with it. Then the NFL should own it and make that the narrative. Then explain that to their fan base.

You can't have it both ways, although they're trying like crazy to do so.

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