It's the case of the pastor vs. the pit bull.

Jessica Devecchio calls her dog a gentle giant but her South Harrison neighbor would disagree. In a Facebook post now taken down, she wrote about an incident between her dog and her neighbor Caesar Sprianu who is pastor of the Williamstown Seventh-day Adventist Church.

"Our psychopath, 'god loving,' PASTOR of a neighbor waited with his pitchfork to aggressively stab my dog in the face, puncture his mouth, right through to his teeth which were shattered."

Sprianu told New Jersey 101.5, "Everything she said is a lie. The dog attacked me." He also said no pitch fork was ever involved. He says he was cutting the grass with a tractor when both Devecchio's dogs which he says are pit bulls came onto his property and surrounded him on either side of the tractor barking and attacking. He said he didn't realize it at the time but that the one dog injured itself by taking a bite at the machine. Read more about all this in Dan Alexander's article.

Here's the amazing thing. Like too many pit bull owners, this woman is completely irresponsible. She admits this is not the first time the dog has been loose and on Sprianu's property. She admits the dog barks loudly. She rationalizes all this by merely saying the dog hasn't hurt Sprianu. Is that what it will take for this woman to realize you can't let your dogs wander free? A full blown vicious attack?

From the hyperbole of her now removed Facebook post and the fact she admits this is not the first time her dog was loose I believe the pastor's version of this event. Shame on this irresponsible dog owner for putting her neighbors and her dogs in danger by not having them properly secured.

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