I am probably going to sound like an ingrate when I say this, because I know that my kids bought me presents and cards for Mother's Day, but that was about the only pleasant thing about it.

Oh — that, and seeing my own mother, but the rest of it is a big hassle. After speaking to many, many many mothers on the air about it, I can tell you that I am not in the minority in having this opinion. why do we continue to do this?

If you're like me, you show your mother love and appreciation every single day. Why do we have to cram it all into one traffic infested Sunday when everyone would rather be just chilling? (Probably even your mom)!

Mother's Day evokes images of a mom getting whatever she wants but it rarely involves sitting back in bed relaxing and eating bonbons and having people bring breakfast, the way it is in the movies.

I have heard some very original ways of celebrating Mother's Day that do not involve the annoyance of entertaining or traveling and I would be in favor of those. As for me, I move that all future Mother's Days be spent in bed with my feet up.

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