🔶 Gruesome discovery along the waterfront in Union County

🔶 Authorities say a “number” of human body parts were recovered

🔶 Where are they coming from?

ELIZABETH — Authorities have been trying to solve the gruesome mystery of several human body parts — including a torso — washed ashore in Union County.

The partial remains were found in Elizabeth in the area where Front Street ends at the body of water known as the Arthur Kill, according to law enforcement.

A spokesperson for the Union County Prosecutor’s Office said on Wednesday that they were investigating and testing to determine if the human remains were “from the same individual and who that individual may be.”

Arthur Kill (Google Maps, Canva)
(Google Maps, Canva)

Male torso found first in water off NJ, manner of death homicide, says one report

The first part to be recovered was the torso on May 16, as previously reported by TapInto.

According to the same report, the Union County Medical Examiner's Office said it was a white male's torso and that manner of death was homicide.

Arthur Kill is the narrow saltwater channel that separates New Jersey from Staten Island, New York.

The Kill’s tributaries total over 75 miles of waterways, including the Elizabeth, Rahway and Woodbridge rivers.

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