Sadly, addiction in New Jersey has taken a turn for the worse during the panic over the pandemic and the extended orders for distance and slow reopening. Many young people are suffering needlessly, deprived of the real help they need and isolated from those who can help them defeat addiction.

My friends at CFC Loud-n-Clear and Relevance Behavioral Health have not stopped fighting. The new office in Freehold is open and my #SpeakingRecovery podcast co-host Daniel Regan, his family and great staff are hard at work to help. On our latest episode, we tackle the difficult issue of tough love. How parents need to find the balance in their conversations with their children fighting addiction, signs to look for and, most important, solutions to save their lives.

The bottom line is to figure out if you are the enabler in your kid’s addiction battle. And if so, how to stop it. Jason (Jay) Rivera joined the conversation. He’s the Program Director for CFC and has helped families through intervention and support.

Watch and listen to this month's episode here:

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