Another important conversation about the fight against addiction with my friend and podcast co-host Daniel Regan. We picked up the issue of how parents can recognize the signs that your teen is slipping into a dark place with addiction. We also discussed the best way for you to ask for help.

So many people are afraid to reach out, whether it’s the stigma of addiction or the denial that it can’t happen in your family. The shutdown of our economy has made the problem worse for sure. People are afraid to venture out with all the fear tactics pushed by government officials. The good news is that Daniel and the team at Relevance Behavioral Health have not missed a beat. They continue to stand up strong for families in New Jersey.

Talking through solutions for you and your family is a critical activity. Silence on any number of subjects is disastrous for the recovery process. Honest, up-front conversation might actually save the life of a loved one. Too often people are embarrassed by a situation and that causes them to miss an opportunity to get help.

Daniel and his capable team area ready to help you. They’ll answer your questions and provide solutions that will likely get you and your loved ones to the next level. Don’t wait another minute. Call now and get the help you need.

Watch episode 5 here:

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