After my last podcast with Nick Anastasia from Recovery Centers of America, we've been flooded with calls about the app for those in recovery.

Nick Anastasia joined me for an in-depth conversation about the battle against addiction. He's a 12-step instructor for Recovery Centers for America. We discussed his own battle against addiction and Nick is proud to say he is now eight years sober.

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We talked about how addiction, especially with alcohol, can impact men and women at different levels. Family environment in the sober living journey is critical as is a supportive friend network.

One of the keys to staying sober after an extended battle with addiction is to enlist the support of a sober network. People who understand the challenges and are willing and able to help can be the difference in success.

With so many people embarrassed to get help or unable to find the right person, RCA provides an app for that.

The app is called Shoutout and it provides a direct link to virtual meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Photo from The Shoutout App
Photo from The Shoutout App

Addiction can be defeated. But it takes a journey and a serious commitment to sobriety. RCA has programs and resources that can certainly help and the Shoutout app is a good way to stay the course and avoid the demons that can drag people back to an unhealthy, self-destructive and often deadly lifestyle.

Start by calling 844-633-5612 to get an invitation to download the app. The process only takes a couple of minutes and may help you achieve a lifetime of sobriety.

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