Naming and bragging rights are on the line in a bet over the Mets-Cubs National League championship series between New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure and Illinois' Six Flags Great America.

If the Mets win the best-of-7 series, Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Ill., north of Chicago, will change the name of the park to "Six Flags Great Mets" and its Goliath roller coaster to "GoMets."

A Cubs win means that Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson would rename Kingda Ka to "Kingda Cubs" and the park would be called "Six Flags Great Cubs."

The name change would stay in effect through Fright Fest, which runs through November 1 at both parks.

The park is taunting the Mets with a sign outside their park that reads, "A Great Adventure is watching the Mets lose to the Cubs!”

Six Flags Great Adventure is rooting hard for the Mets to win which would send them to the World Series.. "We have never wagered a bet like this before. It's a friendly competition among Six Flags sister parks, but we really hate to lose" The Mets currently lead the series with 2 wins in the first two games at Citi Field over Chicago.

Six Flags Great America won its first Cubs bet over Six Flags St.Louis in their divisional series with the Cardinals which meant Great America had to change the name of their roller coaster to "Cubs Thunder."