We made it to that time of year when all we care to eat is warm comfort food.

Calories don’t count when it comes to comfort food and one of America’s all-time favorite bite to eat on a cool, crispy day is chili.

Homemade Beef Chili Con Carne

Of course, the first thing I think about when I hear chili is Kevin Malone’s famous chili.

If you’re not a fan of “The Office” you probably don’t understand that reference but there’s actually a cookbook available specifically for this fictional character’s famous food.

If you’re a Disney fan, you have probably already tried a bowl of Walt’s Chili somewhere in the Disney World or Disneyland parks or have made it yourself.

In Toms River, teams of first responders are gathering together for a Chili Cook-Off this month to support JBJ’s Soul Kitchen.

Needless to say, chili is loved by all and the great thing about it is it can be served in many different variations.

red dish with meaty beef chili and bell peppers

So where can you find the best bowl of chili in the Garden State?

Eat This, Not That has released its list of the best and most popular chili spots in each state.

Now I don’t go out searching for chili so I am no connoisseur when it comes to this type of dish and the list doesn’t specify how they came to this conclusion, but “Eat This, Not That” has named Arthur’s Tavern in Morris Plains to have the best chili in New Jersey.

If you’ve heard of this place, you know that they are known to be a steakhouse, but according to Yelp reviews, you can’t skip on their bowl of chili.

If you're a foodie and love to travel the state for a good bite, check out these places to get a good slice of pizza:

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