A recent survey found 29 states have something in common. Be they red states like Texas or blue states like California they all voted Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs as their favorite Easter candy. And yes, New Jersey was one of the 29.

It’s a hard choice to argue with. It’s pretty much the perfect treat. Delaware and New York picked the same. But what about Pennsylvania where in Bethlehem marshmallow Peeps are made? Surely they’d have to be loyal to their own iconic candy, right?

Nope. Pennsylvania’s favorite Easter Candy is Cadbury Eggs. In fact there’s little love in America for Peeps, which I find shocking. 32% picked Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs as their favorite, followed by Cadbury Eggs at 17%, jelly beans at 16%, chocolate bunnies at 10%. Peeps? Only 6% chose this at their favorite. Okay maybe not their favorite but was it their second or third choice? Again, no. 73% said they don’t even like Peeps.

How can this be when over 700 million Peeps are eaten each year? Those who like them must be eating way too many of them!

Have a happy Easter, even you Peep haters!

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