Each year since 1880 the Social Security Administration publishes the first names from the Social Security card applications. The collection of most popular baby first names is then separated and organized by state.

Names.org is presenting the 2023 most popular baby names here in New Jersey, a few of the names stand out as most popular here in New Jersey and nationwide.

Here is the list of top 10 most popular boys names here in New Jersey starting with the 10th most popular:

10. Oliver

Oliver climbs 10 spots this year going from the 20th most popular name in 2021 to number 10 in 2023.

Famous Olivers include:

Oliver Haddens — Recording Artist

Oliver Platt — Actor

Oliver Reed — Actor/Singer

Oliver Hardy — comedian/actor part of Laurel & Hardy

9. Luca

Luca is more strongly associated here in New Jersey and jumps 2 spots from 11th in 2021 to 9th in 2023. Popular in our strong American Italian Heritage, the list of famous Luca’s is very lengthy from Italy.

Recognizable Lucas here in the states are:

Luca Gilliot — Musician

Luca Manfe — Celebrity Chef

Luca Murphy — Actor

Luca Zidane — Soccer Player

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
Jim McIsaac

8. Jacob

Jacob's strong popularity in New Jersey and also nationwide, the name stays right where it is as the 8th most popular name in New Jersey holding steady from 2021 to 2023.

Famous Jacobs are:

Jacob Degrom — Texas Rangers pitcher

Jakob Dylan — Musician Song Writer

Jacob Green — Football Player

7. Michael

Michael is popular here in New Jersey and everywhere in the United States. The name Michael has been so popular for years, so much so that Michael goes from 5th in 2021 down two slots to 7th in 2023.

Famous Michaels include:

Michael Jackson — Entertainer

Michael Strahan — Former New York Giant

Michael Jordan — Hall of Fame Basketball Player

Michael J Fox — Actor

Michael Caine — Actor

Michael Phelps — Olympic Swimmer

6. Benjamin

Benjamin holds the 6th position from 2021 to 2023 as the most popular male baby name here in New Jersey. Famous Benjamin’s are:

Ben Stiller — Actor/Director

Ben Affleck — Actor/Director

Ben Kingsley — Actor

Ben Hogan — Hall of Fame Golfer

Ben Roethlisberger —  Former American Football Quarterback

James Earl Jones
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 02: James Earl Jones attends The Drama League's 31st Annual Musical Celebration Of Broadway on February 2, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

5. James

James, although a name that’s been in the top 10 for many years is increasing in popularity going from 7th in 2021 to 5th in 2023. Here are some famous James’s:

James Brown — Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Musician

James Franco — Actor/Director

James Earl Jones — Actor/Voiceover Artist

James Dean — Actor

James Stewart — Actor

Big Joe Henry - Townsquare Media
Big Joe Henry - Townsquare Media

4. Joseph

A beautiful name! Joseph remains at 4th place from 2021 to 2023. There are many Joe’s of notoriety:

Joe Pesci — Actor

Joe Biden — President of the United States of America

Joe DiMaggio — Hall of Fame Baseball Player

Joe Montana — Hall of Fame American Football Player

Joe Frazier — Legendary Boxer

Big Joe Henry —  Radio Guy

3. Lucas

Should not be confused with our previous entry Luca. Lucas holds tight as the 3rd most popular male baby name here in New Jersey. Here are some famous Lucas:

Lucas Duda —  Baseball Player

Lucas Grabeel — Actor

Lucas James — R&B Singer

Lucas Maurice Jagger — Son of Mick Jagger

Lucas Till — TV Actor

2. Noah

Takes over the 2nd spot for the most popular male baby name here in New Jersey holding the same spot from 2021. Famous Noah’s are:

Noah Centineo — Actor

Noah Wylie — Actor

Noah Syndergaard — Baseball Pitcher

Noah Taylor — Actor

1. Liam

Liam is the most popular male baby name here in New Jersey!

Liam holds the number 1 position as it did in 2021. The strong presence of American Irish descent here in New Jersey makes Liam a natural. Here are some famous Liams:

Liam Neeson — Actor

Liam Payne — Musician

Liam Hemsworth — Actor

Liam Gallagher — Actor

Here are the most popular baby girl names here in New Jersey for 2023 starting with the 10th most popular girl’s name.

Leah Remini Leaves Church of Scientology
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

10. Leah

Holding firm as the 10th most popular girl’s name in New Jersey is Leah. Leah was also 10th place in 2021. Here are some of the Leah’s you may recognize:

Leah Remi — Actor

Leah Gibson — Actor

Leah Haywood —  Musician

Leah Chase — Celebrity Chef

9. Luna

Coming in at number 9 as the most popular girl’s baby name in New Jersey is Luna. Luna jumped up 3 spots from 12th in 2021 to 9th in 2023. Here are a few famous Luna’s:

Luna — South Korean Singer (goes by first name)

Luna Blaise — Singer

8. Isabella

The beautiful name Isabella takes a dip in popularity going from 6th in 2021 to 8th in 2023 but it still remains popular here in New Jersey.

Isabella Boylston — Ballet Dancer

Isabella Rossellini — Actress

Isabella Lucas — Actor/Model

7. Charlotte

Comes in at number 7 for 2023 as the most popular baby girls name. Here are some popular Charlotte’s that you may recognize:

Charlotte Church — Actress/Singer/Song Writer

Charlotte McKinney — Actor/Model

Charlotte Rae — Actor

Charlotte Ross — Actor

Amelia Earhart
In this May 20, 1937 photo, provided by The Paragon Agency, shows Amelia Earhart, taken by Albert Bresnik at Burbank Airport in Burbank, Calif. (Albert Bresnik/The Paragon Agency via AP)

6. Amelia

Climbs the ladder from 8th most popular girls baby name in New Jersey in 2021 to 6th in 2023. Amelia has some popular personalities, here they are:

Amelia Vega — Miss Universe/Actor

Amelia Earhart — Famous Pilot and Historical Figure

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes — American Author

Amelia Lily — Singer

5. Ava

Although slipping just one spot Ava remains popular here in New Jersey for girl’s name. Here are some famous Ava’s:

Ava Gardner — Actor

Ava Acres — Actor

Ava Kolker — Actor

Ava Barber — Country Singer

4. Emma

Took a dip two spots in popularity going from 2nd place in 2021 to 4th place as the most popular girls baby name of 2023. Here are some Emma’s that you may know:

Emma Stone — Actor

Emma Thompson — Actor/Director

Emma Kenney — Actor

Emma Samms —  Actor

3. Mia

Holds steady and remains very popular as a choice for a girl’s name here in New Jersey. Here are Mia’s that you may know:

Mia Farrow — Actor

Mia Hamm — Soccer Player

Mia Kirschner — Actor

Mia Wasikowska — Actor/Director/Voice Over Actor

2. Sophia

Makes a big jump from the 5th most popular girls baby name here in New Jersey in 2021 to all the way to number 2. Lots of Sophia’s here in Jersey and throughout the country. Here are some familiar Sophia’s:

Sophia Loren — Actor

Sophia Vergara — Actor

Sophia Coppola — Film Maker/Actor

Sophia Anne Caruso — Actor/Singer

Olivia Newton-John
Getty Images

1. Olivia

The most popular girls name in 2021 and it‘s still the most popular girls baby name here in New Jersey in 2023. Lots of successful Olivia’s here are some of them:

Olivia de Havilland — Actor

Olivia Wilde — Actor

Olivia Newton-John — Actor/Singer

Olivia Munn — Actor

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