It's Valentine's Day. Time to pay special attention to your significant other with cards, gifts, flowers, dinner, movies.....wait, you didn't forget did you?

Although we've gone out to dinner in the past on the holiday, with hectic schedules and a weekday holiday, it'll be a relatively normal Thursday in the Spadea household.

Nothing against the holiday of course, actually the history of the day is fascinating. According to one legend, Valentine was a priest in third century Rome. After Emperor Claudius declared that young men couldn't get married (so they would make better soldiers), Valentine continued to perform marriage ceremonies earning him a death sentence.

What I like about the historical discussion of the day honoring Saint Valentine is the celebration of overcoming adversity and sacrificing for others. Seems that in today's culture, people are raised to believe they're entitled to happiness instead of being taught the truth that you have to earn happiness. You have to earn someone's love.

In order to truly be in love and happy, there are obstacles to overcome and problems to solve. No one ever said life would or should be easy. But speaking from the experience of a man who will be married twenty five years this coming November, it's a lot easier to overcome adversity with a strong partner.

So whether you're just meeting your future wife or husband or you've been married forever, enjoy the day and celebrate your relationship.

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