I would like to publicly wish my Dad, Howard, a very Happy Father's Day!  He has set a lifelong example, and I know that I am a better person for the life that he has lead! Further, I would like to salute him on his latest "adventure!"

bike-late 70s

Dad has always been very active.  Way back when, when I was in Junior High and High School, we both caught the cross-country bicycling bug! It wasn't unusual for the two of us to pack up the tent and some supplies, strap on our canteens, and head out on our bikes across New Jersey, and Bucks County Pennsylvania.

Dad-Amish Sign-1984

When I was heading back to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for my senior year, my Dad and I did the trip by bicycle (I wrote about some of our adventures, here at nj1015.com, earlier this year). Through the 1980s and the '90s, my Dad pushed the bicycling boundaries on his own (I had radio to do)...twice bicycling from Alaska. He has also crossed the U.S. (coast to coast) several times on his trusty bicycle(s).

1990 Alaska bike trip early morning in Iowa

He almost went cross-country cycling again two or three years ago, but backed out citing alot of work to do around home. Earlier this year, he started talking about it again. I told him that if he felt up to it, if he felt that he could train sufficiently in the time that he had, that he should go for it! "No regrets" I told him.

On Father's Day 2012, he's about two weeks into his (final) cross-country bicycle odyssey. This one with a slight wrinkle. He flew out to Vancouver, British Columbia on June 6th, and is cycling back to New Jersey via Canada.

He'll celebrate another birthday on Wednesday...somewhere on the road in Western Canada.

Go, Dad!

I'm PROUD of you!

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