Now to clarify, I'm not talking about men who don't know how to shop. But rather, how men have no idea what gifts they want or need from others.

Take Father's Day, for example. If you were to ask Dad what present he wants for his big day, he probably wouldn't have a clue.

The same can be said for his birthday. Or Christmas. Or pretty much any time when you ask him what he wants to receive as a gift.

And to be honest? Most of us don't even think about it. Not one bit at all.


Why is that?

Now before I go any further, I know I'm not talking about all New Jersey men. Some of you are great at knowing what kind of presents you would like to receive, and that's awesome.

But if I had to bet, I would say a vast majority of us really have no idea what kind of gifts we'd like to receive. What is it that you can buy us that'll make us happy?

I know we make it hard for others to shop for us, and it's probably frustrating. But here's why that is.

Bad Gift / Present

Why we're hard to shop for

A good percentage of us simply have what we need already and don't want or need any more stuff. Should the need come up, we just go out and buy what we need ourselves.

And that's really it. Even when it comes to clothes, we won't get anything new until our old stuff finally falls apart. I guess most of us are just simple that way.

Even my wife downloaded an app with a running list of items that are on our wishlists. She figured it would be easier for both of us when it comes to shopping for one another.

And to her credit, she's using the app and adding items, which definitely helps me. But as for me? Yeah, I still can't think of anything I really need to be added to that list.


Yup, no idea

I'll admit it, I'm like the person described above. If I need something, I just run out and get it without thinking of asking for it as a gift.

As for my wife's idea? Well, I promise to think of something to add. I just don't know why it's so hard for some of us to think of ourselves that way to make a wishlist.

One thing I can most definitely say would be a winner. Simply think of our favorite foods.

Mexican food - delicious tacos with ground beef
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Food always wins

Whether it's a snack at home or a place we like to go out to, food is almost one you can consider a home run. I mean, we're going to eat it after all, and we'll very much appreciate it.

And I have to really give my wife credit on this one. She knows which little snacks are my favorites. I don't even care if it costs a dollar or two. If it's a snack I enjoy, I'm all for it.

For me, simple and easy just works. No need to go crazy shopping around for expensive gifts to give me... I'm good.



With that said, I'd love to hear from gentlemen around the Garden State if they fall into this category, or if they're really good at keeping a running list of items they'd love to have as a gift (Father's Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc).

And for those who shop for men like myself, how do you decide to get us the gifts you do? Especially since we make it hard by not giving any clues in the first place. Would love for you to chime in on the comments.

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