Governor Christie celebrated his 55th birthday on Sept 13 and if you were going to get him a gift, what would it be? That's the question I posed Wednesday knowing you would come up with the perfect gag gifts and, as usual, you didn't let me down. I also asked not to have any weight related items since I know you can do better than the easy fat joke.

Many suggested beach chairs, some a talk radio job, our own Bob O'Brien weighed in with a 'bridge table." Here's some more of what you came up with...

  • Nancy Faherty — An autographed copy of 'The Art of the Deal.'
  • Bill Valentine — Silver Bracelets.
  • Jay Eisenlohr— E Z Pass.
  • Vickie Shaw— a conscience.
  • Rich Gunning— A muzzle.
  • Jasmine Rodriguez— A one way ticket to gtfo!!!
  • Nick Palumbo Sr.— How about an umbrella for the beach?
  • Kathleen Barrett— A recording of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters."
  • Eric Jensen— A long walk off of a short pier...
  • Herbert J Bigglesworth— A personalized Philadelphia Eagles jersey.
  • Will Houlne— A pie in the face.
  • Steve Feldman— The boot.
  • Marty Lou Pina — NADA... NIL... NUTTIN... kinda like what he gave US just sayin'.

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