For many months I've been sharing with our audience and with groups around the state common sense solutions for the challenges facing average New Jerseyans.

My schedule has been crazy going from town to town from Cumberland to Bergen to Morris to Ocean to Monmouth and everywhere in between.

The great news is that people are energized and ready to take back our government from the elites and special interests.

There are some fantastic candidates running for office this year. Many are brand new to politics and never thought they'd ever get involved.

But a funny thing happened over the past two years as government leaders abused their power and lost any sense of public service. Regular people decided to take a stand.

Outrageous, unnecessary, and deadly lockdowns, a new curriculum sexualizing grade schoolers pushed through the DOE, and convicted criminals let out of jail or prison before completing their sentences — and that's just scratching the surface — have created a backlash that will be felt across the state and nation on Nov. 8.

In what seems to me like an act of desperation hoping to get people back into pandemic mode, the click-bait media is pushing the newest narrative from big pharma about a "triple-demic." Good grief.

All this does is keep people scared and running to the clinic for the latest shot.

The worst part is that for all the fear-mongering, we don't hear the media, or Big Pharma, pushing healthy living, eating right, exercising, and getting out from behind the computer screen once in a while.

We also hear very little about making government function for real people instead of serving only to line the pockets of the connected.

It's irresponsible and potentially dangerous to even think about repeating the past couple of years given the utter failure of lockdown and mandate policies.

Politicians like Gov. Murphy in New Jersey crushed local economies, damaged children, and exacerbated the mental health and addiction crisis facing so many communities.

Phil Murphy

Many Americans have had enough.

Look at the leading candidates across the nation: Ron DeSantis in Florida, Kari Lake in Arizona, Lee Zeldin in New York, Kristi Noem in South Dakota, and Doug Mastriano in PA.

All oppose mandates and lockdowns and are running on parental rights, empowering small businesses, and fighting crime.

The incredible progress happening at the local level across New Jersey is amazing to witness.

Strong, courageous, and in many cases first -time candidates who work real jobs, raise families, and are focused on empowering people, small businesses and first responders are gaining momentum.

Nov. 8 is the first step back for our great state. Then we'll be back on the trail to win a common-sense majority in our State Senate in 2023. Then wait for the announcement of an outstanding candidate to take on under-investigation-AGAIN Bob Menendez in 2024. In 2025, we'll have a chance to finally elect a governor willing to use the power of the executive to restore liberty and prosperity to the Garden State. Stay tuned.

We heard from many of these change-leading candidates for this election cycle this morning on the show.

They're running for everything from Board of Ed to Mayor to Commissioner. Here are a few of the conversations:

Amber Murad running for Somerset County commissioner

Ron Lin running for Bergen County commissioner

Keith Gibbons running for BOE in Gloucester Township

Margery St. John running for BOE in Mendham

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