Seems like every time we have a school shooting, and unfortunately we've had over 200 of them since Columbine, it's followed by an outcry for more gun control. All we have to do is make it illegal to purchase guns and the shootings will stop. How did that work out with heroin? Can you picture a potential school shooter shaking his fist at a school saying "You're just lucky I can't buy a legal gun"?

If you close one store, another store opens. If you make buying guns illegal, then these people will simply buy them illegally, just like people get their hands on heroin. It's not about the guns, it's about the person behind the guns. These people plan these attacks very meticulously and will go with whatever weapon they can get their hands on.

What needs to happen here is a two part comprehensive plan. One dealing with stopping the potential shooters. There were signs of what was to come in Parkland. The students were not surprised by the identity of the shooter, the school had expelled him and did not want him on campus with a backpack. The FBI investigated a video saying he wanted to be a school shooter but they interviewed the man who reported the video instead of the person who posted it. As Senator Marco Rubio tweeted:

What we need here is someone to put these puzzle pieces together. Call it a School Security Task Force if you want. Make it a division of Homeland Security. This force can concentrate on school threats. Then if you see something and say something, they will do something.

We also examine the connection between whatever anti-depression or psychotic drugs are give to these people and the change in their moods or personalities. If their mental health worker sees something report it.

The other prong would be to protect our schools. Metal detectors should be mandatory with a number assigned to balance the number of students. This also provides more armed security in the schools. Two great ideas that came up from listeners on my show were to have armed retired police officers and military personnel as permanent substitute teachers. They are trained in how to handle both a gun as well as a potential situation.

So where would the money come from? Our property taxes are already through the roof. How about our federal government take some that foreign aid that we spread around the world and keep some of it here to protect our children? I'm sure as a nation we are not living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe use some of the money allocated to the defense of our nation. We are defending helpless children, not from another impoverished nation but right here in our own backyard.

President Trump said that he is going to meet with the nation's governors and attorney generals to come up with a plan. I think these ideas should be part of those considerations.

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