As long as we keep the public school system the way that it is here New Jersey, our children are sitting ducks for any would-be school shooter.

We’ve already seen angry and mentally ill people walking right through security guards and metal detectors to take pot shots at American children in schools. The fact that it’s so easy to slip by security proves that the only way to keep our kids truly safe is by preventing people from walking in to a school in the first place.

The way to do that is to allow a shooter to believe that there could be more firepower waiting inside that building than he has on him. The idea is to have randomly selected teachers acting as air marshals do, well trained and at the ready, should the unthinkable occur.

If this became the norm, then a mentally deranged person with a gun who wants to inflict harm on as many people as he can is going to more than likely cross schools off his list and look for a softer target.

How about a pilot program where we slowly introduce a few test schools to this idea, thus easing the public into it? If car inspections and red light cameras are important enough to have pilot programs to test their effectiveness, then so is the idea of protecting our children by training and arming responsible adult teachers.

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