While I certainly understand the passion and fear that would motivate students to want "something done" in light of the most recent school shooting, I question the motive and effect their planned walkout will have on anything.

Every civilized, caring person in the country and the world for that matter wants to put an end to mass shootings and especially in our schools. Most of these kids don't have the life experience, historical perspective, civics knowledge or maturity to comprehend how to put an end to this insanity.

But the one thing they do share with their adult co-conspirators in their efforts is unbridled emotion and hatred, not tempered with any perspective or reason. Students from nearly a dozen NJ high schools have signed a petition to protest the latest shooting by staging a walk out on March 14 of this year.

It will do nothing for their cause, but will disrupt their school day (and what kid doesn't love that) but the 'virtue signaling' they'll undoubtedly share on their social media platforms will do wonders for their self esteem. For the most part the majority of them participating hate Trump, guns, Republicans and oh yeah, mass shootings. But the latter is just the catalyst for their repressed rage for which they have little outlet but this.

They might be less than a year away from being eligible to vote, but probably shouldn't be eligible at all until they have some life experience and skin in the game. Maybe by age 25 and have a job that the government will take almost half of what they make from. Or maybe when they're 30 and own property and realize they'll pay a pretty hefty fee just for the right to 'own' their own property. Or maybe when they're 35 and with their kids and some thug with an illegal gun mugs them and they wish they could carry their own protection because the police can't be everywhere.

For sure, I think we can do better in regulating who and what type of weapons can be purchased. Congress should eliminate loopholes that allow nuts to fall through the cracks, and still we won't be able to eliminate all gun tragedies. Even countries like Russia and Germany who have been confiscating weapons from their populations for centuries, still to this day have mass shootings by insane, evil monsters. You'll never hear about those in the mass media because they don't fit the media narrative that "America is the only developed nation that has this problem".

I understand the emotions and the concern these kids have about safety in their school, but they don't have any of the understanding of what goes into solving these issues. We've had far less restrictions on firearms in most states in years past, but far fewer of these insane attacks.

So what's changed? Society has changed. The nuclear family has all but disintegrated. The role of fatherhood and men has been degraded and devalued. Faith and discipline have eroded like a barrier island beach at the Jersey Shore. Should everything be done to ensure these tragic events like last week's shooting never happen? Of course. Screaming at your least favorite idiot President and calling for the government to take guns away isn't the answer.

How about this meme that's circulating on the internet this week. IF WE JUST MAKE GUNS ILLEGAL THERE WON'T BE ANY MORE MASS SHOOTINGS. JUST LIKE WE DON'T HAVE ANY PEOPLE DYING OF DRUG OVERDOSES. But you shouldn't be expected to understand any of this at 16 or 17. You should also not be walking out of class on March 14th to try to let the rest of us know just how virtuous you and your idiot parents are.

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