Again we deal with another school shooting tragedy in the United States, this time in Parkland, Florida a community that people are attracted to for their security. A shooter, who was expelled from school a year earlier (a school which had said to never let him on campus with a backpack), walked onto that campus with a gas mask, an AR-15, countless magazines and smoke grenades and murdered 17 people. This was no surprise to many. There were signs and apparently very little was done about them.

First off, the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz had posted pictures on Facebook of him with several guns and knives. He also allegedly posted a video saying that he wanted to become a "professional school shooter." This was seen by a bail bondsman in Mississippi who alerted the FBI who then questioned the bail bondsman.

Several students who were interviewed at Parkland were not surprised to hear that the shooter was Cruz. Victoria Olvera a junior tells the Mercury News, "I think everyone had in their minds if anyone was going to do it it would be him. So after all these warning signs, why was nothing done? Senator Marco Rubiovsays, "We look at these things in an isolated way and not in their totality."

So what can we do to prevent this ever happening again? I don't thing it's a gun control issue because anyone who takes the time to plan something like this is going to be able to get a gun, no matter where they are. If you take any certain type of gun off the street, either they'll get one that's already out there or use another type of weapon.

I think we need to focus more on the mental health aspect, look more at the mental side effects of some drugs that are being prescribed and more that just the disclaimers on the commercials, and mostly I think we need to pay more attention and look more thoroughly at the signs. We're told "If you see something, say something." More attention should be paid when it comes to doing something.

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