New Jersey Senator Mike Doherty wants to pass a law to allow anyone to take their dog to a brewery.

Nice. Not really.

Let me first make two strong points. First, I love dogs. Secondly, I usually love what Mike Doherty stands for. He is a courageous, intelligent legislator and who served honorably in our armed forces and is a graduate of West Point. It's hard to find a more solid American citizen, but this time he is "barking up the wrong tree." I'm sure he's fatigued from trying to fight the same important battles that seem insurmountable in a state where the legislature is more like the Mafia and continually preys upon its citizens. So once in a while these guys try to pass a seemingly benign law that helps "the little guy" lead a happier life in this obscenely expensive, over-taxed, over-regulated state.


However he says, "everybody loves dogs". Wrong! There are plenty of people who hate dogs, are afraid of dogs or are severely allergic to dogs. Again, I'm not one of them. Some people think they should be able to bring their dog anywhere, and "f#&k you" if you don't like a smelly animal sniffing your crotch or licking your leg.

I ate at an outdoor restaurant at the shore last summer next to an old dog with a seriously hideous skin condition, that the owner let come right up to me repeatedly as I tried to enjoy my meal. Nice! Doherty also says this law "it's about liberty, it's about freedom". No it's not. It should be about consideration and 'a time and place for everything.' On legalizing weed (which again, I DO NOT use) Doherty is against it. He believes it's a gateway drug, much like your typical 1970's Republican dinosaur. That issue IS about liberty and freedom.

You obviously enjoy a good local craft beer Sen. Doherty, and some people enjoy a good joint. By the way, those people tend not to get into bar fights and no one has died from marijuana poisoning like the millions who have died from alcohol. Well Mike, if weed is a gateway drug, then dogs are a gateway pet. Next thing you know people will want to bring their pythons or leopards to a brewery and they will kill people! Now, please get back to making sense. We desperately need people like you to keep fighting the GOOD fight!

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