I took the drop ride at Six Flags Great Adventure when it first opened. That was scary enough. Now add a virtual reality twist.

The fiendish minds that find new methods to terrorize you have come up with a way to turn it into Drop of Doom VR. Riders take the same 41 story plunge, but with the optional Samsung Gear headsets, it transforms Zumanjaro into a horrifying action movie.

You start teetering on the edge of a helicopter above the skyscrapers of a city being attacked by giant spiders. Then there's an epic gun battle which leaves you with baby spiders crawling all over you, followed by a ten second straight down plunge between skyscrapers that makes those 41 stories 100 virtual stories.

Does the phrase "couldn't pay me enough" come to mind? Six Flags Great Adventure President Neal Thurman issued a press release explaining Drop of Doom VR "plays upon two of our greatest fears - extreme heights and spiders - and delivers an entirely new thrill for the spring 2017 season."

If you'd like to get just a small taste of this, check out the video above.

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