This time the failed Presidential candidate who gave NJ the gas tax is taking out his anger on a local restaurant. It's actually sad to see this kind of bitterness from a man who had accomplished so much in his professional life. Of course I didn't agree with his policies while he was in office and called him out on everything from the gas tax to the state house renovation to the crooked book deal, but it wasn't personal until of course the Governor made it personal.

Now Sammy's Steakhouse, which settled a lawsuit with former employees after being accused of underpaying them, is on the Governor's hit list.

Out of the blue, the Gov decides to hit the restaurant on Twitter.

And he wasn't even that direct about it trying to be clever I guess. But the fact that there are working people feeding their families from the income they earn at the restaurant makes the Gov's weak attempt to hurt them even worse.

If he had a problem with the restaurant then deal with it man-to-man. Don't hide behind social media like every other troll out there. Yes, I'm saying it, I expected more from the pugnacious former Governor! Thought he loved a good fight? Guess now he's more interested in keeping his name in public than to do the right thing by the workers.

The good news here is that thanks to his shameless attack on Sammy's, I've got a new restaurant to visit. I'm torn though between the veal chop and the dry aged steak. I'll let you know.

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