The actor who played Flick in the holiday classic A Christmas Story, Scott Schwartz, who grew up in Somerset County has come clean about one of the most famous scenes in Christmas movie history.

In the movie, after a triple dog dare, Flick gets his tongue stuck on a frozen flag pole to the merriment of his pals. According to, Schwartz explained the intricate set up that replicated getting a tongue stuck on a frozen pole to It turns out it was a a piece of plastic was wrapped around the pole with a hole in it; through the hole, and a suction tube was put in attached to a vacuum motor hidden in the snow.

The suction put a little tug on his tongue, but it wasn’t actually “thtuck” to the pole. Schwartz says the worst part was the 12 hour days in the subfreezing temperatures in Canada, where the movie was shot. Schwartz will be appearing at the grand opening of Wize Guys Collectibles in Verona on December 20th to sign DVDs, etc.

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