Over the weekend, our #SpeakingComedy team had the pleasure of performing in front of a capacity crowd under the pavilion at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles in Bridgewater. Our host, Jessica Gibson did an outstanding job warming up the crowd and bringing in the talent.  Rising Jersey comic, who is becoming a much more regular part of our team, Troy Moore, killed on stage followed by another stellar performance from Jay Black.

The best part for me was the incredible patriotism on display from the members of the Eagle Riders. American flag shirts and symbols of heroes from America’s wars around the world fighting tyranny and terrorism were prominent throughout the crowd. Larry and Ray from the Bridgewater Eagle Riders kicked off the event recognizing the veterans in the crowd and then leading us in the pledge of allegiance.

More events should start this way. In the current culture, the media outlets and institutions of education are making such an effort to tear down America by making kids embarrassed and ashamed of our past despite the fact that we are the freest and most prosperous nation to ever exist on earth. It’s time to fight back.

I will be doing my part looking for additional venues to honor our cops and veterans and performing on stage following the pledge of allegiance. To the detractors that think this is just some brainwashing tactic on the part of government bureaucrats, just stop.

It’s time to wear the colors of our nation proudly. It’s time to honor our rich history even with the blemishes and sins of the great men who made modern America possible. Stand up. Be proud and pledge that you are loyal to America and Americans.

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