Things are picking up NFL wise. The combine has started. Franchise tagging has begun and free agency is just a few weeks away. Today we found out the New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur fully expects Eli Manning back at quarterback for the 2019 season, and the Eagles have decided not to place the franchise tag on quarterback Nick Foles. There is a relationship between these two moves.

There are two places the Eagles especially did not want Foles to end up, the Redskins and the Giants and with despite the Redskins being the odds on favorite to sign the Super Bowl MVP, it's likely not going to happen. Having said that, is it wise for the Eagles to invest 25 million dollars in the backup quarterback when the team has much more pressing needs?

With the Giants out of the picture, it's much more likely that Foles will end up in sunny Florida, either in Jacksonville where he's a perfect fit for Tom Coughlin and offensive coordinator John DeFilippo with the Jaguars. Or with the other Florida team in sunny Miami with the Dolphins, who's new head coach Brian Flores could always use a guy who's beaten the Patriots. Either way, it was a smart move for the Eagles and time will tell how it fares for the Giants.

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