So it didn't take long for panic and cowardice to become the main driver of misguided and less-than-helpful school policies in New Jersey. As we digest another shooting at a school, this time in Maryland on Tuesday, there's a lot of pressure for officials to act. Of course there's helpful, productive action, like the school in Maryland having an armed school resource officer on hand to help put down the threat. In this case, the only dead person was the shooter himself. Then there's action that threatens the First and Second amendments as government continues to overreach into people's private lives.

Today's #NameAndShame honoree is the president of the Lacey Township School board Robert Klaus. At a meeting of the board attended by community members concerned over the disciplining of a couple students who had posted pics of their "fun day at the range", Robert Klaus decided that the board would ignore parents' questions and use their attorney as a buffer. Outrageous. Parents, including Frank Horvath, stood strong and called the Board out for their irresponsible overreach.

The first issue is that bumper stickers showing firearms and law abiding families teaching kids how to respect and handle legal firearms don't cause school shootings. Deranged killers cause school shootings. Failed communications between law enforcement entities don't help. Media outlets spending countless hours touting the tired rhetoric of more gun control in the "Gun Free" school zones and their left-wing political shills using kids to promote misguided legislation certainly don't help.

Harden soft targets. Metal detectors. Limited access to schools. Locked doors. Armed guards. Respecting for law abiding citizens instead of scapegoating organizations like the NRA that are doing more to help than any of the pols looking for a soundbite to strengthen their position in a future Democratic Primary. Identifying troubled kids and removing them from situations that could get other kids killed. Recognizing mental illness before a mass shooting occurs. That's how how you solve this problem.

No where on the list of real world solutions from anyone that I've heard is the elimination of gun bumper stickers. No where on the solution list is suspending kids for a legal and friendly Facebook post from the range.

Seems to me that the cowards on the Lacey Board of Education simply want to look like they are doing something productive by catering to the fear and panic propagated by gun control extremists. Side thought...those extremists are often protected by armed guards, but let's not let complete and utter hypocrisy get in the way of a good narrative. As you may have heard, the NJ legislature made it all, but impossible to recall a bad politician. But you can still act. Let the Board President know how you feel. If you are a law abiding citizen who owns firearms, I think its part of your parental responsibility to teach gun safety and respect for weapons. My pro-second amendment friends always tell me to call it a firearm and not a weapon. But I'm not playing the PC game. It's a weapon. And in case after case good, honest, hardworking middle and working class families have protected themselves and their families from would-be rapists, murderers and home intruders...with a weapon. Yes, that includes the AR-15.

Thankfully the school resource officer in Maryland had a weapon to protect the students. Thankfully our police officers are armed and ready to protect our communities. Thankfully 70 year old moms living in Florida have the ability to pull a gun out on a would-be attacker in a parking lot.

What's even worse in the case of Lacey Township, we're not talking about threats. Not talking about guns being brought to school, and in the case of the bumper sticker, we're not even talking about a gun!

Email Robert Klaus:

Tell him to stop hiding behind attorneys. Tell him he owes it to the parents in Lacey to be upfront and honest. Ask him how many lives he thinks he'll save by punishing legal firearm use and kids with bumper stickers. Let him have it. Hold him and the rest of these scared politicos accountable for their actions.

For my part, I'm exposing the hypocrisy and absurdity of the war on social media posts and bumper stickers by ending the show every morning going forward with a great song from the band, Guns-N-Roses. Could a student be disciplined for having the band logo on a T-shirt?

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