If someone said they were giving you Double Bubble then handed you a baggie filled with cocaine, would you be confused?

Perhaps they misunderstood what you were really looking for.

A Drug Enforcement Administration report that is now unclassified lists hundreds of slang terms, nicknames and code words for a wide variety of drugs, both legal and illegal.

According to Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Tim McMahon, who heads the DEA Public Information Office in New Jersey, the list has been compiled from law enforcement agencies in the Garden State and across the nation.

He points out this kind of list can be useful for uniformed police as well as undercover investigators because “a majority of people when they’re referencing drugs, especially drug users, do not refer to drugs a heroin or cocaine or marijuana — they’re using the slang terms."

Slang terms in the report for cocaine include Bazooka, Henry the 8th, Double Bubble, Superman, Big Bloke, Hamburger, Old Lady and Whiz Bang.

Nicknames for Heroin include Black Goat, Witch Hazel, China Cat, Chocolate Balls, Dragon and Reindeer Dust.

Terms for LSD include Pink Robots, Golf Balls, Instant Zen and Wedding Bells.

And there are more than 350 slang terms for marijuana listed, including A-Bomb, Pink Panther, Burritos, Good Giggles, O-Boy, Zoom and Little Green Friends.

“Compiling a list like this, it’s a quick reference guide for us in law enforcement.”

McMahon noted authorities are not adding nicknames and slang terms for drugs to the list every time they hear something new or different mentioned by a criminal suspect or person of interest.

“Obviously, there would have to be more investigation to make sure that is what they’re referring to only because there are so many slang terms that are out there.”

He also said even though New Jersey is moving toward legalizing recreational marijuana, that doesn’t impact the mission of the DEA.

“We deal with the law as it is right now, Federally it’s still on the books as illegal.”

Which means ongoing, multi-agency investigations.

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