Do you remember the Pokemon Go craze that led to the Chardonnay Go video by Dena Blizzard? Dena is back with another video that is blowing up the internet. This time it's a public service announcement for us parents who are complaining about the expensive and oddly specific back to school supply lists we deal with this time of year. Dena has a whole different take on it. Seems she's had enough of her kids for one summer and will buy teachers ANYTHING just to take her kids off her hands for another year.

Dena of One Funny Mother fame is a frequent fill-in host here on NJ 101.5 and was in the running to be Kelly Ripa's co-host (should have been!) and is an amazing talent. I can't agree with her on this one, but maybe that's because I don't get to spend the summer with my kids so I don't get to experience the same parental burnout. One thing I DO however agree on is how teachers are not appreciated. For every dollar they are asking us to spend on our kid they are spending just as much on their classroom if not more. My wife is a teacher, and I know firsthand the amount of money teachers take from their own pockets just to give their students the rest of what the districts won't provide is staggering. So much so there's even a small tax write-off for it. Bet you may not have known that.

So Dena, you preach girl! You need to share this video with every parent you know. If you know a teacher, they'll appreciate it even more!