Dena Blizzard's has taken time away from drinking on her "Chardonnay Go" facebook live show to sip her way through her new video "Stop Complaining About Back To School Shopping" which, like Chardonnay Go, has gone viral. Dena called my show to talk about it.

"Who says that drinking in a Target is a bad thing?" asks Dena, who got the idea from listening to other mothers complain.

"I just was listening to people complaining about their stupid supply list and I was like are you kidding?" Blizzard said. "I will pay anything to get these kids out of my face, I don't understand what the problem is."

Personally I can't either. "If somebody said I'm going to watch your kids nine hours a day, I'm gonna feed them a little bit, make sure their faces are clean, and they're gonna learn some math, maybe a little bit of history.  I'm like yeah alright, I'm on board, what do you need...a binder? I'll get you a binder. It was so ridiculous!"

What's even more ridiculous is that Dena shot this hysterical video on her way to pick up pizza for a party she was attending later that day. It literally took six minutes to shoot.

Another reason Dena made the video is that her sister's a teacher. "She works through the summer and puts so much money out." But the real reason is that Dena's a Jersey girl. "When you get a Jersey girl mad that's what happens, they go to a Target, freak out and start talking to the internet. It's so funny because people have been calling it the new Target commercial."

Along with making viral videos is a headlining comedian who was in the running to be Kelly Ripa's co-host on "Live." She is also a writer, producer and star of "One Funny Mother" which she's performing Oct. 21 at the Clayton Performing Arts Center, fill in host here at New Jersey 101.5 and a former Miss New Jersey.

In fact, Dena will be hosting all the preliminaries at this year's Miss America pageant in Atlantic City,.

"If you are in New Jersey and you have not seen the Miss America prelim, you are missing out because it is some of the greatest entertainment in the whole world," Dena said. The Miss America Parade will be on Saturday and the show on Sunday on ABC.

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