They say there's a swamp fever that you get if you've been in DC too long. Apparently, politicians in Trenton caught it anyway.

Doing everything possible to avoid addressing out-of-control taxes, regulations burdening our job creators and a crumbling transportation infrastructure, they turned their attention to Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

That's right, the federal judge nominated by President Trump to the Supreme Court. As accusations are hurled from the desperate activists hoping to derail and defame the honorable Judge, our State Senators (well, at least those in the majority party) are taking on the issue.

Never mind that none of the accusations have been corroborated. Never mind that stories have been inconsistent with named witnesses saying the accusation never happened. Never mind that even the lowly New York Times wouldn't run with the story about the second accuser because they could literally find no one from Yale to back up anything being said by the accuser. Never mind that the Republicans in the US Senate have bent over backwards to accommodate the first accuser. This is all about politics.

Senator Cory Booker, so desperate for attention, continues to taunt the President on social media. Only to be ignored. Maybe Senator Sweeney feels bad for him? Not sure of the reasons, but Sweeney and a few other leading State Democrats authored a Senate Resolution that publicly stands against Judge Kavanaugh.

Now even if you don't support Trump and believe the Kavanaugh accusers, what does any of this have to do with making New Jersey affordable again? The answer is NOTHING. It's clear that Sweeney and his cohorts in the State Senate would rather play politics with the so-called Resistance than actually focus on the problems impacting our citizens.

It's a question I find myself asking more often that I'd like, who speaks for New Jersey?

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