By now you've heard all there is to hear about Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. The Duke quarterback has been compared to everyone from Peyton Manning to an average quarterback, even a backup. One of the biggest arguments against Jones is that he doesn't make the Giants better this year. Unless of course he does...

One of Eli Manning's best traits as the Giants quarterback is the way he responds to pressure. How many times have we seen Eli take his team on a game winning drive? Perhaps a few Super Bowls come to mind? He did it a few times last year, but unfortunately there was time enough for the defense to get back on the field and lose the game, most recently was the finale against the Dallas Cowboys.

This year Eli Manning will be facing the most pressure he has ever faced. The pressure to keep his job. Giants head coach Pat Shurmur said as much when he told Manning, "It's your job to keep this guy off the field." It's not only Manning's job, it could be his career.

Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman says that Jones could sit behind Eli for three years, but by now we know not to believe everything or anything that Gettleman says.

What we can believe is that Manning is in a contract year and wants to play not only next year, but beyond then too. If that's going to happen then he must perform right here right now.

Right now, Eli Manning is in the fourth quarter with his career on the line. He needs to have a great year to keep it going. Take the Giants to the playoffs and it's guaranteed he's back next year. Take them to the Super Bowl and Gettleman's 3 year prediction could be fulfilled. Anything less will begin the Daniel Jones era of Giants football.

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