I've written about this "friendly competition" here at nj1015.com for quite a few years.

My whole neighborhood loves when "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob"..."string up the lights." (for earlier pictures and story, click here)

For various reasons, both "competitors" got off to a slow start this year, but as you can see, it's been worth the wait!

Santa and Rudolph. (Craig Allen photo).

Cornershow Bob took a spill...straining his wrist...just as he was about to start bringing his annual festive display to "light." So, "Cornershow Ginni" stepped in.

MORE Jersey deer! (Craig Allen photo).

"Just a few lights we said this year. AND THEN this happened!!!!" to quote Ginni.

More Lights = More Display. (Craig Allen photo).

As always, the display just grows...

Lights...everywhere! (Craig Allen photo).

...and grows, right up to Christmas Day.

Happy Hanukkah, too! (Craig Allen photo).

Keep it coming, "Cornershow(s)!"

FedEx Pat's display, as seen from the Cornershow display. (Craig Allen photo).

In my neighborhood, and across the miles thanks to nj1015.com, everyone loves this yearly "friendly Christmas lights competition."

More to come...Ho-Ho-Ho!