It's on.

The jolly man's workshop is open. (Craig Allen photo).

Every year, everyone in my neighborhood looks forward to the "Friendly Christmas Lights Competition" that lights up our Jersey winter nights.

As word spreads, cars arrive from near and far. (Craig Allen photo).

"FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" share their holiday spirit in a most public way.

"Shooting Star." (Craig Allen photo).

FedEx Pat puts up all his lights at once...

Santa! (Craig Allen photo).

...and that's it.

FedEx Jen and Pat, and Cornershow Bob and Ginni. (Craig Allen photo).

Once Cornershow Bob gets started, he adds to his display, right up to Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, the other day, while walking the dogs, Cornershow Bob took...a spill. His right hand is badly sprained.

Don't lick these candy canes. (Craig Allen photo).

"Cornershow Ginni" says: "With Bobby out of commission, it’s going to be minimum effort with maximum glory. I’m doing my best!!!"

Santa stops by Cornershow's place, too. (Craig Allen photo).

About the "show," she continues: "Not as much as we usually do."

Santa has arrived at the landing strip. (Craig Allen photo).

"We have a little more to do."

Santa "projection" is new this year! (Craig Allen photo).

YES, the "friendly competition" continues.

Seasons' Greetings! (Craig Allen photo).

We does PSE&G.