You may have seen these photos making its way across social media in recent days.

A Redditor captured a picture of this large lingering cloud hovering above a portion of the Pine Barrens in South Jersey.

From certain angles the cloud looks like it could be from smoke due to a wildfire, which NJ is no stranger to. Other people suggested it's simply inclement weather on its way into the region.

It turns out the cloud in question is due to pollen.

If you're live anywhere near the Pinelands and you're suffering from a stuffy nose, sore throat, or a cough, you're likely wondering if you have a case of COVID-19, a cold, or something else. There's a good chance this dense cloud of misery if the cause of your troubles, leading to an allergy attack.

A few years ago, a single tree's pollen storm was caught on video by a Millville resident.

With rainy weather hitting the Garden State right in the middle of spring, the so-called "yellow wave" will soon be behind us, with summer around the corner.

As New Jersey 101.5' Dennis Malloy pointed out in an article about pollen earlier this week, we are in somewhat of a golden age for allergy sufferers. There are now a series of reputable allergy medications that make a difference without putting you to sleep.

Read Dennis Malloy's full article here.

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