Today marks the first official entrant into the #BlueFriday 'contest' for 2018. Three heroes joined me on the show Friday morning: Sgt. Josh Smith and Officers Todd Compesi & Eric Rodriguez.

These brave men got a call to respond to a frantic mom's 911 call about her 5-year-old whose heart had stopped during an asthma attack in Clifton. If not for the quick, steady and smart action on the part of these Law Enforcement officers, the little girl would likely have died. Their heroism and involvement didn't end on the day of the call. Sgt. Smith took the extraordinary step of going back to the house, even bringing dinner to the mom's husband who was confined to his house from a hip disability. Although it took about a month for little Janessa to emerge from a coma, she is going to be OK. Thankfully, there are three heroes on the Clifton Police Force who played a huge role in this happy ending.

We know there are many more stories like this one all over NJ. Please send them to us so we can properly honor the brave men and women who keep our communities safe every day they get up and put on their uniform. Remember, officers of the law keep the peace, protect us from criminals and in many cases, are direct life-savers.


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