If you've ever dealt with the pain of drug addiction or lost a loved one, there were times you wished they had a death penalty for the drug dealers who kept them supplied. President Trump's new plan could make that happen.

Kevin Meara, co founder of City Of Angels, lost his son Casey to heroin and now helps countless others deal with addiction.

"First I’m pro-life, so I’m against the death penalty... yeah, I know life in prison is probably more cruel!" Then came the startling statistics....

"So, I will try to interpret this... there are 174 overdoses per day, which I guess means that each day that a kid dies, Trump gets 348 (two parents per) more supporters for this".

If this is a war on drugs, and we are losing, should there be casualties on both sides?

"Also, we are in a supposed war and so part of war is killing your enemy, therefore I understand where he is going with this".

"Finally," says Meara, "I'm guessing that he is going after the “cartel-types” and fentanyl distributors and not the kid on the street supporting their habit. And even with that, maybe you get one chance at drug dealing? That’s a start..."

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