By now we've all seen the famous photo of Governor Christie lounging at Island Beach State Park during the government shutdown. Our own Dennis Malloy tells Fox news that the photographer hit a home run by getting the snapshot seen round the world and he was right. But what if the governor knew or at least suspected it was coming?

After all he did tell Eric Scott on Ask the Governor where he was spending the weekend. Also, who goes out on the beach to get some sun, covered by a tee shirt and hat? It's not like anyone other than his family was going to see him, or is it? I'm not saying that he planned it, i'm just saying that he was not surprised by it, maybe even ready for it. That picture has gotten more hits than any Jersey beach babe and it couldn't play out any better for our governor.

Christie will take those viral hits because right now as he's trying to set up a career in the media where any publicity is good publicity. The media, where it's not about approval ratings, it's about the audience you can bring. Christie can not only bring New Jersey which includes the key demos of New York and Philadelphia but the country as well. Those beach pictures were seen as far away as New Zealand. Why would they care about what the New Jersey governor is doing? if someone didn't think they would, they wouldn't have printed them

Can you think of a more charismatic governor than Chris Christie or one that has done a better job in New Jersey recent years? When Howard Stern started more people hated him than loved him but they both listened. The more Christie makes news, the more people of all opinions will want to hear what he has to say, no matter the forum that he's saying it in.

Christie loves the spotlight too much to go gentle into that good night. He could always get a job with the Trump administration, he's one of the few people Trump trusts but why play second fiddle to a president when you can be another "king of all media?" The bigger the Christie brand the closer to the throne. The way to keep that brand big is to remain relevant.

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