It was bad enough that Governor Christie wanted to raid Horizon's surplus after he's the one who signed the very law that established the level of surplus they could maintain. It was even worse when he authorized posters featuring Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto's face to be plastered on closed offices and recreation areas. This included the explanation that the state government shutdown was all Prieto's fault. But the fact that Christie chose to still go to the governor's beach residence at closed-to-the-public Island Beach State Park proves this guy should be the first inductee into the Douchebag Hall Of Fame.

Disrespectful to say about a governor?

The point is respect is a two way street, and this clown showed zero respect in choosing to not alter his plans. He and his family and their friends chose to sit enjoying a beach that the rest of New Jersey was closed out from. It wasn't the fact that he was legally allowed to do it. He was. It was that he went right ahead. To anyone who complained, the snotty moron said, "Run for governor. Then you can have a residence there."

For a guy who tried to pass himself off as one of us, just a regular guy from Jersey, this was the last shred of that weak mask falling off in a summer wind. He's never cared about us. Only his aspirations. When he fell short of his aspirations, he only got meaner. It would have been the mark of integrity had he said, "With the unfortunate state shutdown, it wouldn't be right for me to enjoy something the hardworking taxpayers of New Jersey cannot. Even though I could legally stick with my plans, I am canceling my time at Island Beach State Park to show my support for the public."

This is far from the first time he has displayed so little respect for the average guy. The use of the helicopter for his son's game. Playing magical math games to pretend the gas tax hike was "tax fairness" for the working man, when it only offset things for the wealthy. Speaking to people in the nastiest ways possible even when they were right. A great example? When he chastised a little girl in New Hampshire who asked him if he really believed people contribute to climate change by breathing. He angrily told he how he never said that, how she needed to clean her ears out, give me my microphone back, etc.. He absolutely did indeed say that. The girl was correct.

Then there's the mockery he made of Bridgegate, the Mastro report, the procedural shell game he played to get renovation money for the executive wing by the people without them voting on it, the ugliness he has shown to certain legislators like Ray Lesniak, the ugliness he has shown right here inside our own radio station, etc..

Chris Christie is a disrespectful maggot and I am so sorry I voted for him. Enjoy your 15% approval rating, pal. You sure as hell earned it.

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