Only in New Jersey, would we have to deal with a government shutdown on July 4 weekend.

Where are the Beach Boys when you need them? I imagine if they had recorded "Shut Down" Jersey style, it would have gone something like this ...

It happened at the capital on Friday night
When Christie and Prieto couldn't do what is right
To say they couldn't compromise would be a reach,
Now Christie spends his weekend down on Island Beach
Yak it up, Back it up
Jersey, they have shut us down

Yeah, that's actually happening, Gov. Christie is spending the weekend at Island Beach State Park while others — as in you and me — are being turned away. I understand Mary the great white shark is also avoiding Island Beach, but that's out of professional courtesy.

So what do we do now? One thing we can do is rent the Jersey beach tag ladies out to the Mexican border. If they bring in half as much there as they do in Belmar, we'll pay for that wall in a heartbeat, and I'm not even talking about Sea Isle City!

Just remember, you can shut down our state, but you can't shut our mouths, cause we are New Jersey!

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