Well, that didn't take long. Back in April, we let you know about the Crystal Lake Tours happening in Hardwick, NJ, for the summer season. At the time, those tours primarily went all the way through July at the famous Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, the location where most of the Friday the 13th, Part 1 film took place.

We also let you know that those tours fill up fast from people visiting all around the country for this experience. Needless to say, many fans of the "Friday the 13th" Part 1 movie can't get enough of the blood-thirty experience.

Now it appears that Jason's not done terrorizing New Jersey quite yet. Crystal Lake Tours recently announced that more tour dates have been added later this summer. So if you haven't had a chance to experience this yet, here's your next opportunity.

And there's even more. With the newly added tours come even more to experience. According to crystallaketours.com, fans will also have "the opportunity to dine in our historic dining hall and watch the movie on location." How awesome is that?

Along with added perks for August, here's what else the tour offers.

Did you know the camp from Friday the 13th, Part 1 is in NJ, and you can now tour it?

Get ready, Camp Blood, we're coming for you. An incredible experience of one of the greatest horror movies ever made right here in New Jersey.


Well, that depends. For most, it's all about interpretation. Some will hear 'CH-CH-CH-AH-AH-AH' while others hear 'KI-KI-KI-MA-MA-MA.' But did you know there actually is a correct answer to this?

According to an article on 1428elm.com, the correct answer to this very important question was revealed by Harry Manfredini, composer on 'Friday the 13th, Part 1.' From what it seems, neither is right. The article states that the theme uses "Pamela’s 'Kill her mommy!' line from the first film," of which "Manfredini distorted words 'kill' and 'ma' until they sounded like the recognizable tune we all know and love."

With that said, there's no way New Jersey would accept this as an official response. So for all the Friday the 13th fans out there, what would you say is correct? How do you interpret the iconic theme that's etched in our minds for all of eternity?

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